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This pack is amazing and has been used on many high-end projects. Video Copilot also just released a really fantastic free plug-in called Saber, which is obviously designed to build those really cool light-based swords from the popular, not to be named space saga. Not only do they make those light-based sabers super well, but can also be used in a lot of other really creative ways. Just download it; you can thank us later.

The collection includes planar tracking and masking powered by Mocha, keying tools, color correction, film looks, 3D extruding, transitions, image restoration and tons of other stuff. Boris FX Continuum Complete gives you plenty of powerful tools for your money.

When I was compositing a summer blockbuster that involved cars transforming into anthropomorphic robots, we used this tracker more than any other. It cannot be overstated how great Mocha Pro is.

Not only will it perfectly track surfaces, but you can use that data to easily create animated mattes and, more impressively, Mocha Pro will clean plate for you, making rig removal a snap. While After Effects already has a Mocha plug-in, the Pro version goes much further in its capabilities.

TotalFX is compatible with all the industry standard programs: With the increased popularity of timelapses, flicker is a constant plague; even with the perfect settings inconsistent lighting can cause frustrating flickering.

Great for wedding videos, corporate video work or anytime you may have vain clients. Adding a light wrap when compositing can go a long way in making VFX shots look like they were all done in-camera. Sure, you can build your own light wrap from scratch in After Effects, but time is money and that plug-in is cheap. If you want the film look and shoot digitally, FilmConvert is a great choice. This bundle offers an eclectic mix of effects tools.

This is particularly handy for all of us who have hard drives full of projects cut on Final Cut Pro. Final Words Adding plug-ins to your editing or effects program is a great way to help distinguish your work from the competition or just make your life a little easier. As with many things in this industry, many of these can be expensive and cost prohibitive for smaller productions. Before you bust out that credit card, think about what kind of work you do and what will help make it better.

Side Bar: After Effects Scripts Scripts are similar to plug-ins and many people use them interchangeably. Ease and Wizz is one I use daily and will transform your text animations and motion graphics. Ease and Wizz is an easy-to-use keyframe graph editor that will give you realistic keyframe eases, bounces and elasticity.

Effects Suite gives you creative freedom and your work a truly professional appeal. Effects Suite software has been used in recent feature films like Avatar and Super 8, and the package includes tools that have served the visual effects community for years. What's New The all-new Knoll Light Factory 3 creates beautiful, believable flares with time-saving light behaviors and realistic lens elements.

Read our blog post. Easy installation! Save time and effort with a Single Suite installer that uses one serial number for all products. Includes Holomatrix Many science fiction feature films and TV shows feature holographic communication and interfaces. Red Giant Holomatrix allows you to easily recreate that effect with just a few clicks.

Image Lounge This classic collection of over 20 After Effects filters is an affordable industry staple. Create smoke, water, or walls of fire; generate realistic 3D shadows in seconds; simulate camera blurs, and much more! Knoll Light Factory The industry's favorite tool for creating lens flares, sunsets, photon torpedoes, stars and other effects. It offers a custom lens editor, auto tracking, alpha channel support, and pinpoint control over dozens of settings.

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Jul 03,  · About Red Giant Effects Suite Red Giant Effects Suite is a set of 9 tools that have served the visual effects community for years, delivering the creative freedom to produce professional effects. Knoll Light Factory – runs on Adobe After Effects + Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, CC, CC , CC 3D Lens Flares for Motion Graphics and VFX/5(4). Aug 25,  · I work in After Effects. A lot, and I always have my “stable” of effects that I find myself constantly going to, and Trapcode definitely has some of those effects. Red Giant is back with Trapcode Suite 14, the newest release of its popular After . Buy CGTech VERICUT CGTech VERICUT Cheap price. CGTech VERICUT discount code; discounted CGTech VERICUT ; VERICUT features several enhancements designed to increase the ability of manufacturing engineers to analyze, optimize, and document the CNC programming and machining process.

Buy Red Giant Effects Suite 11 Cheap

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